Time, advice and rooms
for artistic


Transit is both a site and a collaboration partner for freelance film makers, musicians, performing artists, fine artists and designers. We who work at Transit know that a dynamic and accepting environment helps many artists and their companies to develop both artistically and economically.

If more artists are given the conditions they need to gain strength, then we will all be able to partake in and benefit from arts and culture production that is both developing and challenging – An important contribution to the formation of an open and inclusive society.


At Transit you are given time to develop your artistic work freely for two years.


Those of us who work at Transit are always available when you need advice or want to bounce an idea.


We work in an open-plan office of 360 sqm full of inspiration and exchange.

Everything that is included in Transit is free – desk space, coaching, workshops and access to project rooms. There are workshops in, amongst other things, contracts and negotiating, accounting, tax returns and VAT, artistic processes, rhetoric and leadership.

For who?

Everyone at Transit works with music, film, performance art, visual art or design. Often within several fields simultaneously. Transit is aimed at those who are in a phase of development regardless of whether you have worked artistically for many years or just a few. In common for everyone here is the need to focus, structure and strengthen their artistic work.

About Transit

Transit is a non-profit-making association for professional filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, visual artists and designers. Transit offers office space, workshops and coaching as a type of scholarship. In total there are 25-30 freelance artists in an open-plan office space who share contacts and knowledge over lunch on a daily basis. Transit is financed by Stockholm County Council’s Culture Department.

Transit shall contribute to improved conditions for visual artists, filmmakers, performance artists, musicians and designers to both practice and support themselves from their artistic work and their competence.

Transit shall, through its work, contribute to a supply of rich, free and independent artistic works and projects as well as innovative and sustainable products and services. In turn, these will contribute to cultural and economic development, both for the individual and society. Transit shall, in addition, be a creator of public opinion that works actively for improved conditions for artists and creators in their professional occupations.

In Transit



Focus and development

The two years at Transit gives you the space to search for the right focus and the best structure for you and your artistry. You have the possibility to explore your artistry and driving forces in order to develop the work that you want to have.




As there are so many different skills and experiences here it is easy to get tips and help. We often exchange favours and feedback with each other and collaborate in projects together. Being freelance can often be both difficult and lonely, here are colleagues in the same situation who support each other and help to celebrate each other’s successes.




Together with our artists we have put together a development method called OPM – Organic Process Method. We hold workshops in OPM that help you to structure your work and give more space to the areas which are most important for you. OPM is an organic tool with which to reach artistic and economic sustainability and to create a foundation from which you as an artist are able to develop. With OPM you can both analyse the different areas of your work and how you can structure it in the best way for you.

Once a month we have a breakfast meeting where we discuss our projects and get information about upcoming workshops at Transit. Once every six months we have a half-yearly report. Everyone presents a summary of their work from the previous six months and shares their plans for the following six months, after which the group gives feedback. It is often very motivating and inspiring to be given a glimpse into each other’s work processes. The half-yearly report is the only compulsory element at Transit.