Arkeolog 8

Arkeolog 8 is a cross-genre and co-choreographing dance collective founded in 2010. The collective consists of five members who are all active in Arkeolog 8 as dancers and choreographers: Camilla Reppen, Camilla Walkow, Clara Bankefors, Josefine Alfredsson, Tarika Wahlberg. The starting point and the aim is to make use of the different individuals’ experiences and create a new and for Arkeolog 8, unique expression, explore the collective processes in a flat hierarchy and establish a space for themselves which are shared between dance, education and community involvement through dance to create innovative and norm creative performance experiences. The interdisciplinary methodology in the collective processes, which is nourished by the different experiences and qualities of the members, is what has developed Arkeolog 8s expression.

At the moment Arkeolog 8 are working with their performance PUCK who will be up for a new premiere on tour in autumn 2015. Their last performance Consume Energy and make noise which premiered at Dansens Hus, May 2015, are also to be reworked for touring activities. Furthermore, a process has been started to deepen and develop the collective by examining how a dance and performing arts collective like Arkeolog 8 can develop their art by combining the individual artistic development with the established collective artistic processes.