Debora Elgeholm

Debora Elgeholm is an artist in film, photography and installation. 

Debora, born in 1976, took her Master’s degree at the University of Photography and Film in Gothenburg in 2006, following further studies at Stockholm’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. With the documentary and film essay as working methods, she explores the connection between the social climate and different religious orientations – e.g. the post-secular phenomenon of pilgrimages. Through archive material such as photographs, texts and films, Debora compiles the work that becomes a documentation of societal currents such as calls the fear of war an invasion from the East, or the legacy of colonialism in Swedish missionary work. Based on quotes and interviews, where the personal story is put into dialogue with a larger context, she examines the memory of time, places and events.

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger