Elin Hallberg

Over the last decade Elin has been working with costume and set design in the field of performing arts. 

Often working with projects that are process-based she prefers to work in projects and collaborations where the collective approach is in focus. During her time at Transit, she hopes to develop and broaden her experience within the field through exploring directing and initiating her own projects.

Since graduating from the Dramatic Institute in 2010, she has worked among others with: Unga Klara, Örebro Country Theater, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Gothenburg City Theater and RIKS. Stage plays including: They will drown in their mothers’ tears (2020), 100 songs (2019), Krilon (2018), Norrtullsligan (2017),  Missionären (2016), Amadeus (2011).

In 2021, she will design the costumes for a performance at Skärholmen’s Kulturhuset Stadsteatern called “Tonight everything will be different”. In 2022 she will have her directorial debut with a newly written play entitled “Don’t Help Me”.