Isabella Lundgren

Isabella Lundgren is a jazz singer, composer and author. Over the last ten years, she has released several critically acclaimed albums in Sweden and Japan, been awarded the Orkesterjournalens Gyllene Skiva in 2015, and been nominated for a grammy twice.
In 2015, she was awarded Best Musician during Sveriges Radios jazzkatten-gala. She has also received the Monica Zetterlund stipend, the STIM-stipend, the Louis Armstrong and Anita O´day stipend, Stockholms Stads Cultural Stipend and the Gustaf Fröding stipend.
In 2020, she studied at Alma Lövs Scriptwriter Academy and received Svenska Kyrkans Cultural Stipend for a miniseries she is now writing and developing with a production company.
In 2016, Isabella held a celebrated Sommarprat in P1 where she spoke of several of the existential questions that are central to her music and storytelling.