Kalle Fransson

Kalle Fransson is a screenwriter and director (in that order) who graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts, Alma education and Biskops Arnö. Throughout his career, he has aimed to write drama but always ended up in the field of comedy. Or maybe it was the other way around? In any case, he keeps epic storytelling that covers injustice, father-child relationships, nostalgia and/or nonsense close to heart.

Inspired by “Hasse och Tage”, Grotesco, various junk TV (and other references) from the turn of the millennium, and his own miserable life, he is working on a TV series about three ten-year-olds who, when they realize that their school is about to turn into a sugar-free zone, take matters into their own hands and start a sugar cartel.

Fransson is also developing the more serious feature film, ‘The Cave’, about two siblings who escape into what turns out to be a magical cave when they learn that their father is moving back to his homeland and leaving them behind. A dreamy adventure where they are forced to embark on a personal journey and grieve on their own as a result of their father’s decisions. It’s magic realism inspired by Orpheus and Eurydice. A drama about grief, crisis management and acceptance. It’s about confronting strong emotions as a child and becoming an adult way too early.

Fransson is also working on the short film “The Piano” (also non-nonsense) about a young-adult woman who faces a life crisis after leaving home but finds herself in a piano in the garbage room. Together with the composer and musician Arvid Ageborg (Tall Tales), he works on finding the soundtrack and music pieces for the movie.