Lisa Björkström

About Lisa 

Lisa Björkström is a puppet maker, puppeteer and animator who works mainly with performing arts and film, but also with exhibitions and as an educator. She has a Bachelor of Arts in puppet theater from Dramatiska Institutet (the National University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre) as well as a Master of Arts in production of children’s programs in radio and television.

Lisas always begin with the art of storytelling by bringing puppets/objects/shadows to life. In her artistry, she uses both traditional and experimental puppet theater- and puppet performing techniques and often in encounters with other art forms and genres.

She has years of experience in designing and developing concepts with puppets/objects/shadows for stage and film and makes all types of puppets. She puppeteers and animates stop-motion films, and was e.g. chief animator in the puppet opera film Love and war. She has been employed by the Scenkonstmuseet, Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, Stockholms Stadsteater/Marionetteatern, Vadstena-Akademien, Boulevardteatern, Dockteatern Tittut, etc.

In her own projects, Lisa likes to build shadow theatre machines and interactive shadow theatre installations, and recurring themes are interpersonal relationships, power dynamics and gender. During her time at Transit, Lisa will work on a project where she examines the art of being invisible from a puppeteer and animator perspective.