Lotta Sjöberg

Lotta Sjöberg is an illustrator, cartoonist, and textile artist. Since graduating from Konstfack in 2000, she has worked as a freelancer for various clients, including magazines, trade unions, newspapers, publishers and public authorities. She has also published her own comic books, been translated into several languages, and contributed works to anthologies.

Since 2014, in her book “Det kan alltid bli värre” (Galago), Lotta incorporated embroidery into her comic art. She now often chooses to draw with a needle and thread instead of a pen. Using dark humor, she has addressed topics such as news, politics, depression, the role of women, the nuclear family, and the climate crisis through embroidery and crocheted works.

This work has led to the emergence of a new genre, comics craftivism, which combines comic art with craftivism (political textile crafting) and activism. Over the past few years, Lotta has exhibited these works in galleries and museums.