Mattias Lech


Mattias Lech is an actor and director educated at Malmö Theatre Academy (BA 2004-2008) and Stockholm University of the arts (MA: The Autonomous Actor, 2010-2011). Since graduating Mattias’ main focus has been creating and presenting his own work. A central starting point for all of his projects has been exploring and developing methods for collective art-making, and this has been done in close collaboration with other artists. 


Mattias is a member of the performance-collective GomesLechQuigley, a trio that creates practices, rituals and situation-specific works located in the intersection between personal encounters, collective activities and performative presentations.

Between 2014 and 2016 GomesLechQuigley created and performed a series of eight works entitled HAPPILYFOREVERAFTER #1-8, which were presented around Sweden through the support of The Swedish Arts Council, Riksteatern, The City of Stockholm and Region Halland. 


In close collaboration with the Norwegian Theatre-maker Ivar Furre Aam Mattias created the show The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animal (2013-2014) and the interactive one-on-one performance Analyze This! (2016). These two works examine questions regarding emotional labour, the relationship between acting and authenticity and auto-fictive storytelling in a theatre context, as well as exploring hierarchies between the actor and the audience. Ivar’s and Mattias’ collaborations have been presented at Teaterhuset Avantgarden in Trondheim, Black Box in Oslo as well as MDT and Turteatern in Stockholm. 


In addition to these self-initiated projects, Mattias has been working as an actor in theaters in Sweden and Norway, as well as touring internationally and collaborating with Marina Abramovic (SRB/US) Sidney Leoni (FR/BE), Szyber/Reich (SE), Lisa Lie (NO) and the Icelandic theatre company Vesturport, among others. 


In 2017 he created the piece ”DÖDEN” (DEATH) in close collaboration with choreographer Lisen Ellard. Their collaboration continues 2018-2019 with the creation of a new performance with the working-title ”The Funeral”.