Rebecca Livaniou

Rebecca has her foundation in the street dance field, where she has been active since 2011. She works as a dancer, artistic director, choreographer, and project manager.

A large and important part of her artistic work is participating in various events, battles (as a contestant, spectator, or judge), jams and sessions both internationally and in Sweden. Her artistic work is mainly based on freestyle and improvisation in hip-hop but has recently also started to take an interest in other genres within the field.

Her artistic activity mainly has involved work as a dancer (in the field, as well as in performing arts productions), but has recently also developed an interest in work as an artistic director and project manager. Her vision is to create dance for the stage with the essence of hip-hop culture in focus, as well as project manage events with a focus on broadening, developing and deepening knowledge within the field in Sweden.

Themes and areas of interest that pervade her work include meaning-making, landscape, impressions, emotions, time and space, authenticity, identity, contact (inside and outside world), the present moment, creating a feeling in the room, magic, opposites, contrasts, freedom, lack of freedom, similarities, differences, and body awareness.

Examples of work as artistic director and project manager were for the project “Souls of freedom”. In relation to this, she led an international exchange with dancers from Norway and Holland with support from the artists’ board (2023). She also got a residency and played a work in progress of ‘Souls of freedom’ in collaboration with Malmö Danceweek (2023).

Examples of work experience in performing arts productions include “While in battle i am free, never free to rest” (2023) by Hooman Sharifi in collaboration with Cullberg as well as “Sweet & Sticky” (2023) and ‘SEARCH’ (2022) by Lisa Janbell.