Rebecka Cardoso

Rebecka has been active in the field of performing arts for almost twenty years, working with both independent groups and institutions in Sweden as clients. She has worked at places such as Dramaten, Västmanlands Teater, Smålands Musik och Teater, Profilteatern, and Teater 23. Since 2017, she has been collaborating regularly with Livet Bitch! Scenkonst, for whom she, in addition to writing and directing stage works, has also written and directed short film, screened at Stockholm Pride and other festivals.

Rebecka’s main themes revolve around the experiences and perspectives of women and the human relationship with God. In her work, she often returns to people’s longing for connection and to her own and others’ fear of death.

Currently, she is working on the dramatic work ”De Utbrända”, in which she explores people’s pain thresholds and the concepts of strong/weak, sick/healthy, powerful/powerless, and the norms and beliefs surrounding them. She is also developing the project “Clownsejd” – a performance that combines mask techniques from commedia

Photo: Magnus Åström