Sarah Gampel

Sarah Gampel works as an independent animator. Her short films have been shown at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Swedish Cinemas Short Film program and on the German and French TV-channel ARTE. They have also been screened at various film festivals around the world, from Palm Springs in California to Chennai in India.

She has studied animation and screenwriting in Stockholm School of Dramatic Arts and at Filmskole in Copenhagen, as well as at SVA in New York and UCLA in Los Angeles.

Her films tackle a variety of subject matters; from feminism and pension to Middle Eastern politics. But she always strives to depict these subject matters from her own personal perspective, sometimes using herself as the protagonist. One example is her short film about Marie Curie, where she depicts her from a personal, surreal and humoristic angle. Another one of her short films takes place in the future and centers around two women who get into financial difficulties when they retire.

Sarah is currently working on an animated documentary about her grandmother and the film is a stand-alone sequel to her earlier film called The Bus Trip (2016).