Siri Hagerfors

Siri is a graphic designer, animator, and artist. She works in a style characterized by richness of color and an abundance of graphic elements, guided by the motto “More is More.” The result is a playful exploration of the obvious and the expectations of how things should look, encouraging the viewer to see things from multiple perspectives. Her inspiration has long been the “ugly.” She has always been interested in things of low status, as there is something unexplored among the rejected or forgotten. The judgment of the “ugly” is often predetermined and rarely questioned, and by working with what is considered tacky, hierarchies in design are challenged.

Siri appreciates adding a dimension to her work, not least to explore how graphic design takes shape in new formats and media, but also to elevate the status of graphic design and truly touch people. Through collaborations with other artists, she works more interdisciplinarily to take graphic design another step in a more artistic direction.