Sisters in Contemporary Music

Sisters in Contemporary Music is a network for women and transgender composers and sound based artists. It was founded in 2014 by Lo Kristenson and Marta Forsberg who at that time studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. All 155 members are published on the network’s website and the list grows longer every month.

To speed up the process towards an equal music scene, Sisters in Contemporary Music regularly organizes workshops, lectures, concerts, festivals and participates in the public debate on issues of gender equality and music both in Sweden and internationally.

The network works according to the philosophy that the success of other composers should also feel like their own. By promoting togetherness between composers, the network wants to reduce the competition and elitism that characterizes the contemporary music industry.

Sisters in Contemporary Music continuously arranges separatist workshops where women, transgender people and non-binary can on their own terms in a safe environment. In April 2019, Art Music Sisters, as the first prize winner ever, received Framtidens Musikpris (Future Music Prize) in the category Enabling for Young Composers.

Rosanna Gunnarsson

  • Composer and sound artist who creates within the field of contemporary music, sound art/installations, theatre, and visual media.

Anna Jakobsson

  • Producer and researcher with a special interest in feminist working models for making art. Worked with Konstmusiksystrar since 2017.