About Transit

Transit is a non-profit-making association for professional filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, visual artists and designers. Transit offers office space, workshops and coaching as a type of scholarship. In total there are 25-30 freelance artists in an open-plan office space who share contacts and knowledge over lunch on a daily basis. Transit is financed by Stockholm County Council’s Culture Department.

Transit shall contribute to improved conditions for visual artists, filmmakers, performance artists, musicians and designers to both practice and support themselves from their artistic work and their competence.

Transit shall, through its work, contribute to a supply of rich, free and independent artistic works and projects as well as innovative and sustainable products and services. In turn, these will contribute to cultural and economic development, both for the individual and society. Transit shall, in addition, be a creator of public opinion that works actively for improved conditions for artists and creators in their professional occupations.


The non-profit-making association Transit Kulturinkubator runs Transit at Telefonplan. We collaborate with SITE, Starthus KMH at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Konstfack Alumni and Filmbasen, to be able to jointly support filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, designers and visual artists in the county of Stockholm. We work together to influence decision-makers to improve working conditions for professional artists.

Our network also includes business organisations, universities of the arts and other relevant organisations within “our” field. Through our collaborations both you and we can gain more information and knowledge in order to develop.

Transit was started in 2004 by Konstfack and was reformed in 2010 as an independent not-for-profit organisation in connection with funding from Stockholm County Council.

Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard, President

Founder and CEO of Scenit Produktion, creative producer of own projects and productions. Board member assignments. Producer at Orionteatern.

Rasmus Rahm, PhD, Vice President

CEO, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

Ulrica Källén, Board Member

Chief of Operations, KLYS – the Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals. KLYS, through its 14 member organsisations, represent around 30 000 professional artists. Board member of the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO since 2018.

Zanyar Adami, Board Member

Zanyar Adami is an author, filmmaker and lecturer. He has, among other things, been editor-in-chief of the magazine Gringo, director for the documentary film Gerillasonen and written the novel Glaspojken.

Thomas Arctaedius, Board Member

Adjunct professor in entrepreneurship at KMH. Thomas also work at CSES (Center for Social Entrepreneurship Sweden) with EU projects concerning social entrepreneurship. Board member in several different companies and organizations. Author of the book, “Odla Idéer” on sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Tinna Joné, Board Member

Head of subject area Film and Media at Stockholm University of the Arts. Assistant professor of Documentary Storytelling.

Anna Valtonen, Adjunct Board Member

Anna Valtonen is Vice-Chancellor of Konstfack, and has previously served as Vice President at Aalto University, dean for AaltoARTS and Professor, Rector of the Umeå Institute of Design, and Post Doc and visiting professor at ESSEC Business School, Paris. Valtonen has an extensive background in industry, including 13 years at Nokia and as a board member for several companies, public organisations, universities and EU bodies.

Her professorship is in strategic design, and she does research on how art and design contribute to change.

Lisa Grotherus, Nomination Committee

Lisa Grotherus is a clarinetist, singer and composer, celebrated for her moving and poignant music. Working from a jazz background, she moves freely between genres including folk, world and chamber music. She often collaborates across art forms, including poetry, dance and theatre. Lisa has been awarded a series of stipends and accolades, including SKAPs jazzpris. She is also a Transit alumni.

Charlie Prag, Nomination Committee

Project Manager, Digital Innovation Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. With 20 years’ experience as a freelancer in the creative industries, Charlie has worked nationally and internationally as a street dancer, teacher and producer. Today, she works as a Project Manager for Digital Innovation at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. Charlie is also a Transit alumni and former operations co-ordinator at Transit.