Blaoo, art- and Hip-Hop culture loving mid 80′s child. Born, bred and currently based in Stockholm Sweden, have also been living and working in Brighton, England since 2007. I received my Master of Fine Arts in ‘Art in the Public Realm’ from Konstfack University College of Arts, craft and design and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in ‘Performance and Visual Art (music)’, from the University of Brighton.

For over a decade, Hip-Hop has been my creative input and outlet. The Hip-Hop arts movement and Hip-Hop theatre in particular, is the cultural artistic form and discipline through which my artistry is free, where I can produce relevant and ground-breaking artworks. By working together with dancers, musicians, designers and other artists who share the idea of a free, progressive and practicing art culture with a foundational connection to its grass-roots, I am encouraging the quintessential unity that signifies the Hip-Hop culture I know of.

/Hannah Gordon T