Apply to Transit

There’s a high pressure on applications to Transit right now, but we still welcome you to send in your application, as we process them in order of arrival. However, our answers may be delayed due to the high amount of applications we are handling at the present moment.

How to Apply


Email a description of your artistic work and attach a CV for all of those applying.

Tell us what you want to develop and how Transit can support you in that process.

Email your application to

The Application Process

When we have received your application we will share it with one of our partners; Film Stockholm for filmmakers, SITE for performance artists, Konstfack Alumni for visual artists and designers and Starthus KMH for musicians. If we think that Transit suits your needs we will invite you to a meeting. The meeting is so that you can see the office and meet the staff, and see if Transit feels right for you. We accept applications throughout the entire year.