SaraKlara Hellström

SaraKlara Hellström is a scriptwriter and director who received her education in supplementary film directing at Stockholm University of the Arts, dramaturgy at Biskops Arnö, and scriptwriting at Alma Löv. Her short film “Bromance” won the prestigious Dragon Award for Best Swedish Short at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2022 and was also the winner of the I KM film at Stockholm’s film festival in the same year.

She has always had an interest in working within multiple styles and genres that deal with socially critical topics from a female perspective. Her aim is to find a playful connection to the story which makes her perception of storytelling nuanced and vivid.

Currently, she is working on the short film “Massacre of the Innocents”, which is an expressionistic short film about a distant world lacking future belief viewed from a seven-year-old’s perspective. Besides that, she is developing two features called “Bromance” and “The Art of Enjoyment”

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