Alve Lindenbaum

My name is Alve Lindenbaum (them/they) and I’m a story consultant & developer and script writer.

In my work as a story consultant I provide services such as story analysis – going deep into the core of the story, what works and doesn’t in the sense of storytelling. I work together with the writer to smooth out the edges of the narrative structure – Why and how is the writer stuck? How does the story flow at the moment? What is it the writer wants to tell the audience? Story consulting is a collaborative practice, and together with the writer I want to help in mapping out the direction of what the story is and what it could be in terms of the writer’s vision.

As well as freelancing, I work with the production company Amphi, coaching scriptwriters and managing projects in radio and tv production.

For my own writing endeavors, I write mostly with a young audience in mind. Currently I’m developing a serial intended for radio distribution, for kids aged 10-14. I want to examine what it means to be a prepubescent teenager in terms of; identity, friendship and group dynamics.

Together with Theo Lindberg (Chimney) I manage the WIFT sister branch

”TNFN” one of the first international organizations for trans people in film.