Lilian Bäckman

Lilian Bäckman is born on Enköpings Lasarett and raised in Bålsta. That’s the first she ever says about herself in front of new people. She works as a graphic designer and illustrator. One of her design concepts is Kaos. It’s like baroque, punk and russian poetry together. Her pictures are lively, sensitive and have a free expression.

In 2011, she debuted as a writer with Mandarinstunder, the iconic X-Publishing. In 2017, the picture book Tre feministiska sagor was born, at the publishing house of Pippi Longstocking. Of course.

She is nearly a board member pro and also a guest teacher. She has driven a summer café, sold Christmas trees, played three different performances in her then 28.5 square meter apartment. She is a member of the Swedish Authors Association, Authors Center, Swedish Teacher, Illustrator Center and Animal Rights.

That’s right, Lilian Bäckman always forgets to say that she was awarded the August Prize for the book Skriv om och om igen, with Katarina Kuick, Sara Lundberg and Ylva Karlsson. The statue of August is standing in a window in Bålsta. Back to the hoods.