Niklas Mesaros

Niklas first perfomed with his poetry on a stage in Gothenburg 2009, he then went on to become a double swedish poetry slam champion (2010, 2012). Since then he’s been performing all over Sweden, Europé and in the US. Twice a year he produces spoken word shows at The Royal Theatre i Stockholm and has helped establish spoken word poetry in theatres, schools and events all over Sweden. He is also a dircetor for Swedish Stories on stage, a co-production between Swedish Radio P1 and The Royal Theatre.

He has collaborated with WWF, WE_Change and FATTA, focusing on sustainability and feminisim. All year round he visits as many schools as he can, lecturing about spoken word and leading workshops on creative writing.

In june of 2018, Niklas debuted as a writer with his novel Seahorses (Rabén & Sjögren), a gripping poetic drama about the first heartbreak and the difficulty of letting go. Right now he’s writing on the sequel.