Verket Produktion

Verket Produktion

Verket Produktion is a culture production company that works with film and other forms of culture productions within image, sound and text. We consider art and culture a way of investigating; what does it mean to be human?

As filmmakers we often dive into specific subjects and themes, during a long period of time. We want to portray these subjects in different culture productions, and by doing so they will give energy to the each other. A subject can be developed into a book, a film, an exhibition and a radio play that revolves around the same theme. Our first feature film “Bränder” (Fires) is such a project that also will become a book, and a radio play.

Verket Produktion is based in Stockholm, created by Jerry Carlsson and Anette Sidor 2015.

Jerry Carlsson graduated from Valand Academy in 2014, as a Director & Producer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Independent Filmmaking. He has also studied Art History at Stockholm University and Basic Filmmaking at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. Jerry finished his Master of Fine Arts in Film at Valand Academy in 2015.

His award winning short films have been screened in numerous international film festivals, including Locarno Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. Jerry was selected to be a part of European Film Promotions programme “FUTURE FRAMES: Ten filmmakers to follow” at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The same year he also participated at Berlinale Talent Campus. In 2016 Jerry Carlsson was selected for STHLM Debut omgång 5 with his feature film “Bränder” and got the Carl Larsson Grez-sur-loing scholarship. Jerry is one of the founders of the film collective and production company Tjockishjärta Film 2008-2016.

Selected filmography:
“Skuggdjur” (2017, short)
“Om Sex” (2015, short)
“Allt Vi Delar” (2014, short)
“Längs Vägen” (2011, short)
“Komma Ut” (2011, short)


Anette Sidor graduated from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 2015 where she studied Directing, with her short fiction film “Debut”. Before that she studied TV Production at Medieinstitutet and has been freelancing within TV and film since 2007. “Musikliv” is her latest project, a documentary series for SVT & UR about the music industry. As a producer she’s also participating in STHLM Debut omgång 5, for the feature film “Bränder” (Fires) directed by Jerry Carlsson. She currently has a short fiction film in development called “Fuck You”.

Selected filmography:
“Musikliv” (2016)
“Debut” (2015, short)
“Varannan Vecka” (2014, short)
“Längs Vägen” (2011, short)