Lisa Grotherus

Lisa Grotherus is a clarinetist and composer and writes music for radio, film and theater as well as for her own bands. She moves freely between different genres and also switches from her main instruments clarinet and bass clarinet to tenor saxophone and singing. Lisa Grotherus has a background in jazz, folk and improvisational music, and often works with various art forms like dance, art and poetry on scenes such as the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre and the Performing Arts Sörmland.

Lisa Grotherus also has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and human rights. She has lived and worked in places like Liberia and Palestine. The experiences from Liberia gave inspiration to her debut album Dekontee, published in 2018. Dekontee means “everything has its time” and is the nickname Lisa was given from her Liberian friends.

Lisa Grotherus is part of the think tank Young Thoughts About Music (UTOM). She has, among other things, been awarded the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s scholarship in music in 2016 and 2018 and the Music House in Uppsala’s scholarship 2018.
Photograf: Gina Mannberg