Sven Blume

2017-06-31 Stockholm-Sweden
Sven Blume

I work as a documentary filmmaker, project manager and producer.

As a director I’m currently working on two feature documentaries: “For Somebody Else” and “The Crooked and Straight”. I am also producing the Nordic film project “Out by Art”.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in documentary film from Stockholm’s Academy of Dramatic Arts 2013. My graduation film is called “The men from Vidsel”, which has been broadcasted on Swedish television and different festivals. The last 10 years I have been working with several projects as an editor, director and photographer for different clients and with several co-operations with artists, architects and other filmmakers. In addition to film production, I have been teaching and coaching students at film schools.

The documentary film “For Somebody Else” takes place in Los Angeles, in which I’m documenting surrogate mothers before, during and after their pregnancies. The film explores the experience of being pregnant for somebody else. After five trips to LA the filming of the documentary is almost done! Production company: WG-film.

“The crooked and straight” is a film about my grandfather and architect Carl Nyrén. The film will be screened at the Culture Slot “K-special” for Swedish television. In the film I visit Nyrén’s buildings in the search of my grand father, one of Sweden’s most important architects. Production company: Laika Film

“Out by Art” is a video experiment in Nordic Outsider Art community. As a project manager and producer I have been working with six art and documentary-films from Nordic artists. After the premiere at Modern Museet Stockholm, the films are now on tour throughout Europe.

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