Yenni Lee


Yenni Lee is a Norwegian-Vietnamese film director and screenwriter, she has an MFA from The Film School of Directing in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has directed, written and produced 7 short films and has now 4 projects in development.

Her earlier work has been screened at several international festivals such as SXSW, Outfest, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Nordic Film Days, Göteborg Film Festival, The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Oslo Pix, Atlanta Film Festival and Locarno Festival where she also was selected for the Locarno Filmmakers Academy.

Currently she’s developing her first feature film and tends to explore intricate subjects such as sexuality, death, violence and power. She defines her audiovisual style as a “micro-poetic-psychosis” with the aim of full detachment from time and space to understand the borders of pain: which is constantly moving. Also raising questions about how are we affected and programmed by the image we see, and the mutual contract between artist, screen and viewer.

She’s also a part of Barbosa Film in Oslo, Norway. A feminist film production company focusing on forwarding female artists and that works actively for gender equality in film.

Her spirit animal is the fox, favourite Reddit-forum is Glitch_in_the_Matrix, and favourite colour used to be Egyptian blue but now it’s funeral black.