Agnes Török

Agnes Török (they/them) is a non-binary spoken word poet, workshop leader and author. They have performed on four continents, held two TED talks, won awards for their spoken word theatre productions and published five books.

Agnes published works so far are All The Days We Don’t Revolt (2020, Burning Eye Books) Att Göra (2019, with queer-feminist poetry collective Det Nya Gardet), Den Nya Tidens Diktbok (2019, with illustrator and artist Bim Eriksson, in collaboration with Swedish trade unions and Leopard Förlag), We Need To Talk (2018, Burning Eye Books, first released as a TED talk) and Happiness Is An Art Form (2016, Burning Eye Books, , first released as a TED talk).

They are currently working on two novel series as well as a new poetry collection in Swedish. Their writing continues to explores collective histories, bodily autonomy, chosen family and hope.

Agnes has worked with workers’ unions and literature festivals, the #metoo movement and the BBC. They believe poetry and politics belong together.